PS Academic

Primary School Academics

There is something special about a Theodor Herzl education. Our academic programmes are designed to inspire curiosity about the world and encourage a thirst for knowledge. We teach with enthusiasm and excitement, challenging the brightest pupils to stretch themselves well beyond the curriculum, while providing one-on-one support for those who may lag behind.

Small classes – with an optimal number of 24 in total – ensures a close-knit dynamic and individual attention for every child. In Grades 1 and 2, an assistant to the teacher doubles this support to match the abundant energy of our little ones.

Holistic Development

At Theodor Herzl, it’s cool to accept the challenge to be your best, cool to be clever and cool to succeed. Our pupils are wondrously capable on so many levels and it is critical that we help them to discover and cultivate their talents and passions. We strive to extend the focus beyond that of intellectual and cognitive development, to include the creative, physical and emotional well being of our pupils too. In the Art Room, a whole new world opens up to our pupils: a world of colour and design, beauty and space. Pupils learn to think in a completely different way from their observations in the sciences, mathematics, languages or humanities. Art provides pupils with a means of expressing their own identities, offers them the joy of creation, the pleasure of competence and the realisation of a universal language. Our Music and Drama classes further enhance our offering and provide our pupils with a wonderful creative outlet.

Theodor Herzl Primary offers learning support through our in-house remedial specialists at no additional cost.

The school week runs from Monday to Friday, over four terms. The school morning starts at 7h45 for everyone, with a mid-morning and lunchtime break. Classes end at 12h50 for Grade 1, 13h30 for Grade 2, and at 14h10 for Grades 3 to 7. A supervised aftercare facility on the premises is available.