HS Enrichment

High School Enrichment


To have our fingers on the PULSE of what is happening in the real world, pupils need soft skills development and enriching educational experiences to integrate the subjects they learn in the classroom and to bring their curricula to life. This programme is designed for our Grade 8 and 9 pupils. The Grade 8 programme focusses on “soft skills” like Self-defence, First Aid, Conflict Management. The Grade 9 programme explores careers.


The term Ripple reflects the analogy for a stone being cast into water creating ripples away from the centre. Each ripple representing a Grade moving away from the centre. The centre being the School and the normal syllabus. Each Grade has exciting and rewarding experiences, be this a Board Room experience, Karoo farm life, visiting local businesses and character development camps. The appropriate programmes for each Grade are selected carefully to ensure relevancy.