Green Achievement

Green Achievements

Theodor Herzl is an Eco-School. This means that we actively try to reduce our carbon footprint – the negative impact we and our school have on the environment. One of the ways we do this is to plant indigenous trees and shrubs like spekboom. Trees beautify our grounds and create tranquillity and shade. They also help to reduce the levels of carbon dioxide and monoxide in the atmosphere.

Theodor Herzl High School has been awarded a Silver Certificate on completion of two successful years in the ECO-SCHOOLS PROGRAMME. Members of the Eco-Club are steering this programme and have achieved the Gold Award, thereby allowing the school to fly the Green Eco flag.

Green themes include:

  • Resource use: recycling of tins, plastic, glass, cardboard, tetra packs and paper etc. The aim is to extend the recycling programme into learners’ homes. Cutting down on the use of paper, electricity and water also fall under this theme.
  • Biodiversity: removal of alien vegetation and the planting of indigenous trees as well as conservation of wildlife.
  • Healthy living: sources of pollution, good eating habits and the art of reading food labels, exercise and ways of dealing with stress are some of the topics in this theme.

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