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Mr Viktor Kurz, as Executive Principal, leads the three schools and is also academic head of the High School. The Primary School is headed by Mrs Hilary Goldberg and the Pre-Primary by Ms Megan Oosthuizen. These Heads are members of SAHISA (South African Heads of Independent Schools) and of ISASA (Independent Schools’ Association of South Africa and their active involvement in these bodies ensures that Theodor Herzl plays a valuable role in independent education in South Africa.

Theodor Herzl’s development and well-being as a centre of educational excellence is governed by the United Hebrew Institutions (UHI) of Port Elizabeth, in partnership with the teaching staff and general parent body. The UHI is managed by a Board of Trustees, of which the Chairman of the Theodor Herzl School Board is an ex-officio member. The School Board comprises a maximum five members of the UHI (including the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and Treasurer), members of the teaching staff and members elected from the parent body. The three Heads, Directors of Education and other senior staff members are ex-officio members, with no voting rights. The Board is closely involved with most aspects of the school’s welfare and meets at least twice a term.

School Board 2021:

  • Mr Ian Meyer (CHAIRMAN)
  • Mr Viktor Kurz
  • Mr Alan Goldberg
  • Mr Gary Schewitz
  • Mr Mark Morris
  • Mrs Hilary Goldberg
  • Ms Megan Oosthuizen
  • Mr Geoff Mendelowitz
  • Mrs Cindy Dickson
  • Mr Bevan Franklin
  • Mrs Nicole Venter
  • Rabbi Furman
  • Mr André Vlok
  • Mr Gary Sharp
  • Mr B Beja
  • Mr N Moss
  • Mrs Paola Horak
  • Mrs E Gardiner

Correspondence for the Chairman of the Board of Governors should be directed c/o school secretary Mrs Angela Kennedy to: or tel 041 5814244.