Primary School

Primary School

Primary School

Theodor Herzl Primary School is a happy place for children to be, where they are nurtured, stretched and encouraged to develop with confidence.

Our children develop a strong sense of independence, backed by an experienced, caring staff. Support for the child goes beyond the classroom to include supervised homework and academic assistance.

Pupils are set homework or are expected to prepare for projects and tests every afternoon. But not before they have unleashed their pent-up energy and enjoyed a wide variety of fun-fueled activities. Extra murals range from traditional team and individual sports practice to art club, craft club, Thespa (Theodor Herzlā€™s performing arts club), chess, the steel band and computer club.

Theodor Herzl Primary offers learning support through our in-house remedial specialist at no additional cost.

The school week runs from Monday to Friday, over four terms. The school morning starts at 7h45 for everyone, with a mid-morning and lunchtime break. Classes end at 12h50 for Grade 1, 13h30 for Grade 2, and at 14h10 for Grades 3 to 7. A supervised aftercare facility on the premises is available to Theodor Herzl Primary School children.

Participation in sport is compulsory at Theodor Herzl Primary School, and an active, healthy lifestyle is encouraged. At most times of the day, groups of pupils can be seen (and heard!) playing games in the grounds, either in a scheduled PE lesson, a tightly contested match against a competitor school, or just a random game of cricket that has sprung up on a sunny day.

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