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“Broader perspectives, brighter ideas…”

Theodor Herzl High School is renowned for academic excellence. Our 100% Matric pass rate has not been broken in nearly four decades, and our overall results are frequently amongst the country’s top ten. Most Theodor Herzl pupils proceed easily to the local and international tertiary institutions of their choice, and succeed there because of their excellent grounding and work ethic.

Our small classes result in a dynamic culture of learning. We are proud of the manner in which we enable the individual to attain personal excellence. Theodor Herzl pupils are supported by a dedicated, innovative, intellectually stimulating teaching staff, and classes are structured but lively.

Pupils are encouraged to stretch their intellectual wings – whatever their scope – and develop their skills in research and independent study. Most core subjects are offered and the brightest among them take up to nine subjects for Matric, some even achieving a full of house of distinctions. Children who find academic studies a struggle are encouraged with extra, individual input from their teachers and usually fare much better than they would have done at a larger, less personal school.

Along with many of South Africa’s best independent schools, Theodor Herzl matrics write the National Senior Certificate (NSC). Tuition is pitched beyond any of the current curriculums and Theodor Herzl learners are generally advantaged in their local and international university applications by virtue of the high marks they consistently achieve on this examination. Subject grades, however, are only one criterion for admission to tertiary education, and pupils are encouraged to build a strong portfolio of community service, sporting participation and leadership too.

Academic reports are prepared for parents every term, however regular, open communication with our teaching staff is encouraged, and positive working relationships between learner, teachers and parents is warmly fostered for the ultimate good of our children.

In addition to formal teaching, Theodor Herzl pupils benefit from a diverse programme of visiting speakers and a wide range of outing opportunities that range from water testing in the nearby valley to ‘Big 5’ game drives and weekend hikes, and even accompanied overseas travel to thrilling places like London’s West End for drama buffs or a French language course in Paris. Opportunities for international school exchange further broaden Theodor Herzl horizons.

High School Test Timetable Term 1 2018

High School Test Timetable Term 1 2018 (13.5 KiB,pdf)

HS Term 4 Exam Timetable

HS Term 4 Exam Timetable

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HS Term 4 Exam Timetable (14.2 KiB,xlsx)

High School policy on missing assessments

High School policy on missing assessments (58.5 KiB,pdf)

June Exam Timetable 2017

June Exam Timetable 2017

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June Exam Timetable 2017 (18.3 KiB,xlsx)

High School Subjects

High School Subjects

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High School June Exam Timetable 2018

High School June Exam Timetable 2018 (33.2 KiB,xlsx)