Theodor Herzl

High School

“I'm not a surname, I'm a nickname”
High School

High School

High School

Theodor Herzl High School combines the highest standards of academic excellence with active support for achievement in the arts, sport, community and even commerce.

The pace of the school day speeds up at high school, with much to accomplish. Pupils learn to manage their time and to prioritise, establishing a sense of responsibility and independence that will stand them in good stead in tertiary studies and in life.

From early in their high school careers, students are able to acquire leadership and organisational skills through participation in a wide range of committees and forums. The democratically elected Prefect Body fulfils the dual function of leading pupils and liaising with the staff.

Every Child Matters

While Jewish ethos and values form a traditional foundation, our student body reflects South Africa’s colourful nation. Spiritual development is an important element of Theodor Herzl School life for our Jewish pupils, who are taken under the wing of the Rabbi and attend prayers in the school’s own shul. However, all backgrounds, religions, races and interests are equally valued at the Theodor Herzl Schools. Theodor Herzl High pupils are confident; their cultural diversity establishes a platform on which they can just be themselves, and they thrive within an environment that nurtures tolerance and the critical coping skills required in our multi-cultural society.

Creativity and the arts are alive at Theodor Herzl High School, with most students involved in at least one cultural activity. Toastmasters and debating create platforms for children to hone their public speaking skills, while exposure to drama – as a Matric subject, through the drama society (Thespa) and other avenues, like the Nab U Bomi film festival – provides opportunities to participate in various aspects of theatre and film. Many pupils have gone on to achieve recognition, both locally and abroad. A love of music and dance is evident as teenagers feel safe expressing their creativity. Talented musicians, in rock bands or as solo singers, take to the school hall stage on special occasions, raising the roof and bringing the crowd of delighted pupils and staff to their feet.

Participation in sport is compulsory at Theodor Herzl High School, and an active, healthy lifestyle is encouraged. At most times of the day, groups of senior pupils can be seen (and heard!) playing games in the grounds, either in a scheduled PE lesson, a tightly contested match against a competitor school, or just a random game of cricket that has sprung up on a sunny day.

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One of the wonderful advantages of a small senior school like Theodor Herzl High is the sense of fellowship that transcends the grades and gathers our teenage pupils together – some leading, some following, and all belonging. Every child matters and will find a home at Theodor Herzl High School.