About Our School


“I love Theodor Herzl SO MUCH I even want to be here in my holidays”

The schools are separated from one another by sports fields and garden, but pupils, staff and parents gather together regularly in the main school hall or outside for sporting, social or religious festivities.

Classrooms – are well equipped with modern educational amenities. A happy, busy library at the Primary School encourages a love of reading and extensive, up-to-the-minute computer facilities in both Primary and High School make research a breeze. With a central server and controlled access, the online safety of our pupils is carefully monitored.

Sports Facilities - Theodor Herzl is fortunate to have sizeable grounds and excellent sporting facilities, like well maintained tennis and netball courts, and a full size swimming pool. Pupils pour joyfully out onto the fields at break times and after school, to enjoy team sports like cricket, soccer, hockey, handball and athletics. Our two full time sports administrators are supported by various specialist coaches. Individual and off-site sports, such as equestrian events, synchronised swimming, gymnastics and karate are also supported.

Kitchen & tuck shop – Theodor Herzl Schools follow kosher principles and serve healthy, delicious hot meals like wraps and toasted sandwiches as well as usual tuck shop fare.