Free to Think; Inspired to Dream


Traditionally, the school boasts a high standard of academic achievement, borne out not only by a 100% matric pass rate for close on four decades, but also by the extraordinary number of distinctions each year. ‘Out of the box’ thinking and a probing, creative exploration of academic subjects is encouraged from the earliest grades.

Classes in every grade are kept to manageable sizes – and split in all subjects at high school level – ensuring that learners receive intensive tuition and individual attention.

Our education is based on the South African national curriculum. Along with many other leading independent schools, we write the National Senior Certificate (NSC) and regularly finish amongst the country’s top ten in certain subjects. Tuition is pitched well beyond the requirements of any matric syllabus, and Theodor Herzl School leavers are equipped to cope comfortably with the demands of any tertiary institution they may enter, in South Africa or abroad.

Subject grades, however, are only one criteria for admission to tertiary education; others include an entrance exam and points for community service, sporting and cultural achievements and leadership. Opportunities abound at Theodor Herzl for children to develop into assured, well-balanced individuals.

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